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Give quick and secure access for analytics and machine learning, to anyone, from anywhere, without exposing the data and without stripping it of value:


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Leverage full data

Most of the data's value lives in the most sensitive features. To get useful and accurate results, we allow you to utilize the full data.

Increase customers' trust

Show users you care about their privacy by using the most powerful PET: Differential Privacy, just like tech giants Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Retain assets control

Your valuable data assets do not need to leave their secure environment, whether it is on-cloud or on-premise.

Increase dev speed

Eliminate tedious compliance approval processes and enable direct data analytics, regardless of individual permissions.

Provide quick data access to anyone, anywhere, with the gold standard of data protection - Differential Privacy.
Top 4 Data Privacy Misconceptions by Corporates

In this article we lay out the top data privacy misconceptions that need to be refuted right now to avoid invaluable corporate IP or customer data from being compromised.

Differentially Private Survey Generator

We harnessed the super-powers of Differential Privacy to give you a free survey generator that guarantees the privacy of each participant, so no question is off-limits.

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Privacy Explainer Series - Ep1

Get introduced to the concept of Differential Privacy in this 3-minute-long animated episode!


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