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Join the paradigm shift in accessing sensitive data.


Eliminate the need for
tailored solutions by
compliance with multiple
security frameworks and


Perform real-time, online
analytics without worrying
about privacy risks.

3rd Party

Enable safe access for third
parties without sharing or
moving sensitive data.

Enhancing Access

Provide fast and secure
access for a broader
spectrum of employees.

Integration with AI

Use AI to analyze data using free
text without sharing sensitive
information with AI providers.

Leverage full data

Throw away your anonymization and masking scripts and start harnessing
the full data without tagging Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Analyze data
    with AI

    Users can analyze data using AI to replace complex queries with free text. They can export the results, create graphs, or open the underlying queries for further analysis in a SQL notebook.

  • No grey area

    Users can ask anything they want – no need to think twice if the question is compliant, PVML does this in real time to make sure users only get the results they’re allowed to see.

  • All-in-one

    Analyze data from multiple data sources to create unique analytics flows using SQL notebooks, free text chats and python code.


Trusted by the most innovative organizations

  • Intel
  • 8200
  • nvdia
  • NFX
  • google-startups
  • gefen-vc

Trusted by

Innovative leaders in the data realm, investors, partners and clients.

Gigi Levy-Weiss

PVML’s unique technology is changing the way companies handle private data. Their concept is simple and intuitive, transformative in value, and encapsulates the complexity under the hood.

Stan Chudnovsky

PVML has managed to democratize access to tools that were once considered exclusive only to the largest and most advanced technology companies. Today, PVML tools give every company a capability to leverage sensitive data, redefining the way to navigate use cases such as data anonymization, data sharing, and data monetization.

Alon Leibovich

PVML refuses to settle for the status quo; they have a clear vision of a future where data is harnessed responsibly to promote business objectives.

Nir Rothenberg

PVML’s commitment to responsible data practices aligns perfectly with the demands of my role as a CISO, and their innovative approach positions them as a crucial ally in safeguarding sensitive information and reducing the attack surface.

Ariel Michaeli

The market is currently missing a comprehensive Differential Privacy solution that can offer more than basic use-cases, and PVML aims to fulfill just that.

Iftach Ian Amit

PVML’s concept allows companies to unlock the full potential of their data, and puts me in a unique position to challenge my executive peers to take a more competitive position on the data we own and be more competitive in the market.

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