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Revolutionizing Business Insights for a Leading Insurance Company

Client Overview:

An insurance company, a key player in the global industry, faced challenges in harnessing their internal data effectively due to limited access and slow insight generation. Their requirements included unlocking broader data access while remaining compliant to both regulatory demands and internal procedures, accelerating insights, and enabling non-technical users to participate in the analysis process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced data access through more flexible permission controls.
  • Accelerated insights with AI integration for real-time analysis.
  • Democratization of data access, empowering non-technical stakeholders.
  • Robust privacy protection ensured compliance and instilled confidence

Challenges Faced:

The leading insurance provider faced the common challenge of harnessing the full potential of their internal data. Hindered by traditional data anonymization methods, binary permission solutions and strict compliance regulations, they struggled to leverage their diverse data sources securely while adhering to privacy needs. Moreover, the process of deriving insights from data was often time-consuming and limited to technical personnel, hindering the agility of decision-making processes led by executives and business stakeholders.

  • Limited Data Access: The existing permissions methods restricted access to only a fraction of available data, impeding comprehensive analysis
  • Slow Insight Generation: Traditional approaches to data analysis were time-intensive, leading to delays in decision-making.
  • Technical Dependency: The complexity of querying and analyzing data, especially live data, confined the process to technical experts, hindering collaboration and agility within the organization.

Solution Offered:

PVML introduced a comprehensive solution tailored to address the client’s challenges and unlock the full potential of their data ecosystem. Leveraging our advanced data access platform empowered by Differential Privacy and AI, we provided the following key features:

  • Enhanced Data Access: Our permissions system offered flexible and easy-to-manage access controls, enabling the client to unlock access to a broader spectrum of data sources securely.
  • Accelerated Insights: Integration with AI using a chat interface facilitated real-time analysis on the client’s data, allowing non-technical users to generate insights swiftly through intuitive free-text queries.
  • Privacy Compliance: Our differential privacy mechanisms ensured robust data protection while enabling meaningful analysis, ensuring compliance with stringent privacy regulations.

Results Achieved:

The insurance company was able to democratize its data across the different data teams and business units within the organization thanks to a combination of flexible permissions and integration with AI.

  • Expanded Data Accessibility: By adopting the PVML platform, the insurance company unlocked selfservice data access to more than 200 users in just 3 months and gained access to a significantly larger pool of data sources without making infrastructure changes or moving the data.
  • Rapid Insight Generation: The integration of AI-driven analytics enabled users across the organization to derive actionable insights from live data swiftly, reducing the time-to-insight from an average of 4 business days to an average of less than 1 minute.
  • Unlocking Further Exploration for Analysts: Analysts were able to initiate their analysis using AI and followup with other available features such as creating an SQL Notebook where they can tweak the computation, run it on multiple datasources for comparison, and more.
  • Empowered Decision-Making: The democratization of data access empowered non-technical stakeholders to participate actively in the analysis process without relying on technical experts or cumbersome procedures.
  • Enhanced Privacy Protection: Our robust privacy mechanisms ensured compliance with regulatory requirements while enabling the exploration of sensitive data in a secure environment, instilling confidence among stakeholders. This marked a significant departure from previous practices, as many initiatives that were previously restricted by the company’s legal and compliance teams are now unlocked, thanks to PVML’s Privacy-Enhancing Technology and infrastructure.

About PVML

PVML helps connect, provide access, and secure multiple data sources. We enable enterprises to get live insights from sensitive data by combining AI with our data protection technology.

Users get to access broader data with privacy guarantees regardless of how they interact with data, whether it be SQL, AI or through an external BI tool – PVML is in charge of live data protection at the output-level.

Admins get one single point to monitor and control all their data access, get a high level view over queries, permissions, user requests and action items. We track excessive permissions, unused permissions or conflicting permissions to help reduce managerial overhead with 1-click actions that boost security. To enable seamless integration, we enable admins to connect any database using a simple connection string, making it a 2-minute process that requires no infrastructure changes.

PVML is backed by the world’s most prominent investors, including NFX, Gefen, FJ-Labs and ex-executives from Facebook, T-Mobile and Cyberpion, and trusted by leading companies from the fintech, telecom, transportation and healthcare industries.

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