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Monetizing Data
Safely is No

PVML helps you unlock new business opportunities
with third parties and clients, without
compromising data privacy, by combining our
Privacy-Enhancing Technology with AI.

Why is data monetization so challenging?

And how PVML overcomes these obstacles.

differential privacy

Data Privacy

Sharing or monetizing data requires strong privacy
guarantees to ensure trust and compliance.

Our platform allows companies to monetize insights derived from multiple data sources without moving the data, without having to tag PII or mask the data, and without risking customers’ privacy.

differential privacy

Extracting Customized Insights

Sharing or monetizing data requires providing third
parties with convenient ways to extract what is
valuable to them in this data, without imposing
customization efforts on you.

With PVML, third parties can generate visually compelling dashboards from free-text analyses or work hands-on with SQL notebooks. Meanwhile, you gain visibility into their demand and activity.

PVML - Monetization

Our Solution

We got you covered from the privacy to
the insights.

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User-Friendly Interface

Free-text data analysis using AI (we also offer SQL-based options for the tech-savvy).

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Privacy-Enhancing Technology

We use a game-changing data protection tech to unlock previously out-of-reach data. Discovery Mode allows you to get comprehensive insights and competitive benchmarks by analyzing broader data.

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Permissions Enforcement in Chat

Enjoy the power of AI without worrying about
sensitive data

Our Solution

We’ve got you covered, with less configurations and more value.

PVML - Monetization

Our Privacy
Differential Privacy

Differential Privacy (DP) is a mathematical framework
that offers the strongest data safeguard in data-
driven systems and is currently employed by tech
giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

DP achieves this by adding controlled noise to the output of a query or algorithm, rendering it statistically indistinguishable whether a specific individual’s data was included or excluded.

Security and Compliance

PVML provides a secure foundation that allows you to push the boundaries. We undergo strict external audits to ensure our solution adheres to the highest standards of privacy and security.
Security and Compliance