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Safety Checked.
Boundaries Gone.

With PVML your data is fully available for analysis,
but no single record can be observed, reproduced,
or extracted. No data duplication. No encryption.
No masking. No redacting.

Why is data
anonymization so

And how PVML overcomes these


Data anonymization, reliant on manual or semi-
manual PII classification, is error-prone and time-
consuming. Additionally, it exposes data to the risk of
linkage attacks, where sensitive information may be

With PVML, data is automatically anonymized at the output
level, without requiring PII tagging or any data transformations.
Admins can give flexible permissions backed by our data
protection technology while these are automatically enforced
irrespective of how data is accessed, whether it be through SQL
queries or AI.

PVML - Anonymization

Our Solution

We’ve got you covered, with less
configurations and more value.

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Eliminate the Grey Area

Automated privacy at the output level, enabling the analysis of even the most sensitive data without overthinking.

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Privacy-Enhancing Technology

We use a game-changing data protection technology to unlock previously out-of-reach data.

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Permissions Enforcement in Chat

Enjoy the power of AI without worrying about sensitive data

Our Solution

We got you covered from the privacy to the insights.

PVML - Anonymization

Our Privacy
Differential Privacy

Differential Privacy (DP) is a mathematical framework
that offers the strongest data safeguard in data-
driven systems and is currently employed by tech
giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

DP achieves this by adding controlled noise to the output of a query or algorithm, rendering it statistically indistinguishable whether a specific individual’s data was included or excluded.


Analyze data using AI, API or a connector. No need to change query syntax when using SQL. Integrates with your existing tech stack Computations are transformed to Differentially Private computations during real-time analysis. On-the-fly privacy All data sources stay in the organization’s environment. No need to move data

Security and Compliance

PVML provides a secure foundation that allows you to push the boundaries. We undergo strict external audits to ensure our solution adheres to the highest standards of privacy and security.
Security and Compliance