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Building a Data Platform on top of the PVML Infrastructure

Client Overview:

A B2C transportation company that collects highly sensitive user data, recognized the inherent potential in monetizing their vast reservoirs of data while ensuring stringent privacy safeguards for their enterprise clientele. With a vision to position itself as a data company rather than just a service provider, while transcending traditional data monetization models, they made a strategic decision to integrate their data platform with PVML’s infrastructure solution. The company leveraged PVML’s permissions management system, AI integration and Privacy-Enhancing technology, Differential Privacy, to unlock new realms of profitability, scalability, and privacy preservation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leveraging PVML’s Differential Privacy technology ensures robust privacy protection without compromising data accessibility or scalability.
  • Transitioning from raw data sharing to offering value-added insights drives new revenue streams and enhances client offerings.
  • Integration with AI enhances the data platform’s analytical capabilities, providing actionable insights for enterprise clients.
  • PVML’s privacy mechanisms ensure complete client isolation, fostering trust among among clients.

Challenges Faced:

The client faced multifaceted challenges in their quest to provide secure and convenient access to their data assets while maximizing profitability:

  • Privacy Concerns: Traditional anonymization solutions fell short in maintaining data quality while ensuring privacy, leading to compromised insights and regulatory risks.
  • Scalability Demands: As demand surged for their data insights, the client grappled with scalability bottlenecks that threatened to impede their growth trajectory.
  • Integration Requirements: Maintaining client isolation and permissions management of the different users required integration with the company’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) system and other user authentication methods while upholding stringent privacy standards.

Solution Offered:

The client harnessed the power of the PVML infrastructure to revolutionize their data platform, thereby addressing their core challenges:

  • Privacy-Enhancing Technology: Leveraging PVML’s Differential Privacy policies, the client ensured privacy preservation at the insight level, mitigating the risks associated with raw data exposure. By adopting this non-binary privacy mechanism (as opposed to PII masking, encryption, etc.) and incorporating other security features such as just-in-time (JIT) access and full audit, PVML offered tailored control over data access while maintaining data fidelity
  • Scalability Enhancement: With PVML’s lightweight architecture, the client seamlessly scaled their data platform operations without compromising on data quality or incurring additional overhead. By offloading privacy computations using PVML’s technology, they optimized performance while catering to growing demands
  • AI Integration: PVML’s AI integration empowered the client to augment their data platform with a freetext interface that is capable of enforcing permissions. By offering AI-driven features as a paid service, they diversified their revenue streams while enhancing the user experience for non-technical stakeholders, without compromising privacy.

Results Achieved:

The transportation company propelled its data platform to the next level, positioning itself as a data company rather than just a B2C company that offers services to private and enterprise clients.

  • Enhanced Privacy: By implementing PVML’s Differential Privacy policies, the client bolstered privacy assurances for their enterprise clientele, fostering trust and compliance with regulatory mandates while unlocking insights from broader data.
  • Scalability Without Compromise: The client seamlessly scaled their operations to meet growing demands, thanks to PVML’s infrastructure and efficient privacy mechanisms, thereby future-proofing their data platform infrastructure.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Leveraging AI-driven insights and differential privacy-enabled data access, the client unlocked new avenues for monetization, transitioning from selling raw data to offering value-added insights to their enterprise clients and an AI-based feature.

About PVML

PVML helps connect, provide access, and secure multiple data sources. We enable enterprises to get live insights from sensitive data by combining AI with our data protection technology

Users get to access broader data with privacy guarantees regardless of how they interact with data, whether it be SQL, AI or through an external BI tool – PVML is in charge of live data protection at the output-level.

Admins get one single point to monitor and control all their data access, get a high level view over queries, permissions, user requests and action items. We track excessive permissions, unused permissions or conflicting permissions to help reduce managerial overhead with 1-click actions that boost security. To enable seamless integration, we enable admins to connect any database using a simple connection string, making it a 2-minute process that requires no infrastructure changes

PVML is backed by the world’s most prominent investors, including NFX, Gefen, FJ-Labs and ex-executives from Facebook, T-Mobile and Cyberpion, and trusted by leading companies from the fintech, telecom, transportation and healthcare industries.

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