The PVML Data Access Platform

We designed a unique product and architecture to guarantee companies can enjoy our cutting-edge technology with minimal revisioning to their current practices.

PVML provides organizations with a revolutionary data access platform to utilize their LIVE data assets.

Businesses can eliminate tedious internal processes for data access with a simple yet powerful process:


Stay in Control

The PVML platform does not require access to the sensitive data and outputs are produced on the organization's side only.

Zero Revisioning

Datasets Stay As-Is:

no data duplication

no costly storage fees

no need to sync data

Practice on Synthetic Data, Analyze Real Data.

PVML automatically provides synthetic data for all datasets to enable all data practitioners to get a sense of the data without compromising security. The actual analysis is performed on the real data eyes-off for best results.

Easy Onboarding

With minimal trust and minimal revisioning to current practices - you get maximum data utility and maximum data security, faster than ever. Start accelerating your time-to-insight using these three easy steps:

Get started

Install the PVML agent on-premise / on-cloud.

Register to our on-cloud solution.

Analyze sensitive data by querying it or training machine learning models.