Telecommunication Industry

Telecom data is considered one of the most sensitive data types in the world, just to demonstrate: any four location data points are enough to uniquely reidentify 90% of individuals. This explains why the telecom market is under highly strict regulation and therefore requires powerful tools to guarantee privacy on one hand while still being innovative and competitive on the other hand.

1. Unlock collaborative data projects

Authorities interested in getting information such as:

traffic overloads

tourism trends

crowded areas during COVID pandemic

using locations data.

Third party businesses interested in utilizing telecom data to make business decisions, for example: using locations data to determine how many people go through a specific area to understand where to open a new branch.

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2. Accelerate time-to-insight from telecom data

Eliminate slow compliance approval processes for data access by utilizing it eyes-off and guaranteeing privacy-preserving outputs. Employees are not exposed to sensitive locations data and can safely analyze it with no privacy risks.

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3. Improve development of features and services

Train AI models using sensitive communications data to discover patterns and identify what features or products are most important to different types of customers. This analysis can be used to prioritize feature development plans and identify common issues with existing products.

Telecom Data:

Locations data

Mobile usage

Network data

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