Insurance Industry

Insurance companies are increasingly collecting data to better understand and manage their customer relationships, claims, and underwriting. This rich and valuable data can benefit insurers both by monetization and value creation, but also by improving the business through integration of data-driven decision-making.

1. Offer usage-based policies

Propose flexible and on-demand insurance products based on insights on people's patterns of behavior.

2. Improve Fraud detection

Determine claims' credibility easily and accurately using predictive AI trained on sensitive data, while guaranteeing the models cannot be reverse-engineered to expose the individuals from the training data. For example, assess medical claims by automatically extracting data from medical reports and comparing it to which other claims of the same type were approved.

Learn more about training privacy-preserving AI on sensitive data

3. Initialize new business models

Utilize broad insurance data to offer unique data-driven insights to partners and customers.

Learn how we enable secure data sharing and 3rd-party analysis, without exposing the underlying data

Insurance Data:

Claims, expenses and policies data

Agent-customer interactions

Telematics data

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