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Sharing data in healthcare is crucial for health emergencies preparation and development of vaccines and experimental treatments. However, healthcare data is considered highly sensitive and therefore kept under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIIPA) which mandates healthcare providers and insurers to make sure Protected Health Information (PHI) is not disclosed improperly. This results in healthcare datasets being stripped of value through anonymization and aggregation in order to facilitate research and promote public health. These objectives can benefit from having the sensitive fields put back for improved research, modeling and insights, and without compromising privacy.

Sharing full data using privacy-preserving high fidelity synthetic data allows a straight-forward collaboration in which the data is exchanged without having to worry where it may end up and with a guarantee that no computation on the data will expose real individuals.

Analyzing full data directly instead of sharing synthetic data can provide researchers and institutions additional benefits: they can generate insights and train machine learning models with higher accuracy and no alteration of the underlying data.

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